European Rights in a Majoritarian Constitutional Model: the Swedish Example


The question addressed in this project is how the mechanisms for enforcement of EU-based legal rights function within the framework of the Swedish constitutional tradition. Europeanisation has led to an increased focus on judicial control of the use of public power in Sweden, judicial control as well as control over the enforcement of European rights by the executive and the administration. The research project aims at investigating how the development has affected the principle of parliamentary sovereignty in Sweden. The question is studied both from an internal Swedish perspective and from an external perspective; 1) In what way has the increase of court control affected the relationship between Swedish constitutional organs, the Swedish parliament, the Riksdag, the executive with its partially independent administration and the courts? 2) How can the Swedish legal order participate in the ongoing dialogue between legal actors within the Europeanised or globalised legal order?


Parliamentarism, Judicial review, constitutional courts

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Reichel, Jane